Launch Sequence for New University Website

The launch sequence for the University’s new website has begun! You may see fluctuations in web page content or designs as many web pages are transitioned over the next several days. Thank you for your patience during this period. A list of Direct Resource Links and Safety Contacts is provided at the bottom of this message to assist during the transition.

Unless unforeseen circumstances arise, the new web pages should become visible early next week. A follow-up email message will be distributed when the launch is complete, and web content editors who have attended required training sessions for the new web software will receive access to edit their units’ pages as soon as possible after the new site is fully operational. Additional Details for Drupal Web Content Editors are included below.

Thank you to all individuals who have made contributions to the project and are engaged in all pre- and post-launch site review activities.

Details for Drupal Web Content Editors

  • Since the launch sequence has begun, web page edits in Drupal are no longer possible, and you will not be able to log in to the system. If an emergency web page change is required, email
  • If you have not already saved images and files that may be attached to your web pages, you should still have the ability to copy them from your public facing web pages (without logging in to Drupal). Please copy all necessary files by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 14 to ensure no files are lost.
  • Direct Resource Links and Safety Contacts

  • Canvas:
  • Email:
  • SOAR:
  • People Directory:
  • Safety

    -In an emergency, call 911.
    -University Police Department: 601.266.4986
    -Title IX Office: 601.266.6804
    -Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention (24-hour crisis line): 601.264.7777
    -Student Counseling Services: 601.266.4829, or after hours emergencies: 601.606.HELP (4357).

  • Weather Safety

    Weather Resources

    Local Media